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    Everyone loves holidays, who wouldn't? It's a time to unwind and loosen up from all that stress of the past months of school or work. During the holidays, you get to really relax and make time for yourself. Depending on your personality, your definition of reaction may involve taking a vacation with the family, travelling to a new country, or just sleeping, in a bid to catch up with all that lost rest time throughout the year.  

    While holidays are mostly associated with relaxation, they are also a time for planning for the next phase, especially with regards to holidays which come up towards the end of the year. Thus, it is a time also to look back and reflect on what you have achieved so far, what you hope to achieve in the future and probably strategize based on new findings. The holidays are just wonderful!

    What could go wrong with holidays?

    Every one of us is quite familiar with the upsides of holidays, but have you ever thought about any downsides?

    While Holidays for the most part represent a period which people look forward to, holidays, can be mentally damaging for some other people with mental health challenges. This may be attributed to the fact that due to the time available, most people tend to think and worry about a lack of achievements, and all the other issues in their lives. This is especially made worse by the bane of the 21st century, Social media.

    Others, rather than enjoy the holidays and are glued to work and the execution of family gathering and other activities. But during the holidays taking on too much at once can toll on them and they end up being miserable at the start of the new year.


    Tips On Protecting your mental health during the holidays

    Thankfully, we have come up with some strategies which you can employ to protect your mental health during and after the holidays. Some of these include:


    • Saying No: The majority of our stress factors come from our inability to say “No” to people. You should never try to inconvenience yourself to please others. Your mental health comes first. By saying “Yes” to people when you mean to say no, you create negative reactions in your head that could backfire later.
    • Doing what you love to do: This is simple. So long as it doesn't land you in jail, doing what you want to do is a great way to improve your mental health. Doing only the things you love and want to do will bring you a sense of worth and fulfillment which are positive feelings and are key to a healthy mental lifestyle.
    • Make your own traditions: Take care to develop the routines that best fit with your personality and preferences. Routines that make you happy and boost your confidence are generally regarded as being good for your mental wellbeing.
    • Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness refers to the state of being conscious of something. Practicing mindfulness means that you're taking steps to maintain conscious awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and your environment. It's a good way to tune your mind off worrying, allowing you live the present moments to the fullest. 


    It’s the holidays, say No, do what you love, and be mindful.